Wu Family Rules

Wu family had created several rules for his decendent to follow. There are 12 meditation rules, 24 endurance rules, 9 forbidden rules, 4 female rules, and 15 family rules.

The 4 female rules:

  • Be kind
  • Watch your words
  • Decent facial/postures
  • job

  • The 9 forbidden rules are:

    - One should not have emptyness. Always remember the principle in life. One should have family, never forgets who you are, where you came from. Never stop reading and studying. Never stop observing.

    - One should not forget. Should be cautions not forgetful, should remember relative's name and ranks, should remember friend's name.

    - One should not be unjust. Always fair to people and to family members. Should not be greedy.

    - One should not mistake others. Never make mistakes in family member's position or friend's family history or do any intentional mistake at work.

    - One should not be tempted sexually. Should not always looking for a way to satisfy your sexual need, should first put what would benifit you in long ran as ur first priority. Should respect your body and bodies of others.

    - One should not disguise. Should live as who they are and who they are under. Should never lie or disguise to be another person or place.

    - One should not quit. Whatever one do, do your best. One should not quit being a father or being a mother or being a brother or being a friend. Should not quit being who you really are.

    - One should not have secrecy. Should work and be loyal to your employer, should obey and be as honest as in job, work, study. Should be open to families and friends. If one hides secrets from others, others will do the same to you.

    - One should not be lost. Should not keep what other forgets, should not be carefree.

    Wu Family general (house) rules are:

    - Obey your parents and elders.
    - Respect your ancestor, should maintain their grave clean.
    - Always respect your brothers, they are your top priority!
    - Respect your village's leader.
    - Remember the ranking of your relatives and respect them.
    - Should be in good terms with your family and relatives. Help
    each other.
    - Should respect other's privacy.
    - Should teach others the kindness and good of the world.
    - If working, should work hard and do your best.
    - Should try to save, don't waste food or money, etc.
    - If work as soldier, should obey the rules within the system.
    - If having fights, should calm down first.
    - Should stop as soon as possible when a fight occurs.
    - Be a gentlemen in the world and the society.
    - Have endurance in everything thing you do
    - Have determination
    - Be strict yet kind
    - No gambling
    - Avoid the occult
    - Be good in art
    - Can't have relationship with your relatives (incest)
    - Be kind to those who serve you.
    - Dress simple and nice but not fancy
    - Keep house clean and in order

    There are also the 24 rules of endurance:

    - Control your words. Do not say more than you should.
    - Control your anger. Do not act or do things that you will
    - Control your sexual desire. Do not act carelessly.
    - Control your drinks. Excessive drinking kill a person's soul.
    - Control your voice. Control your voice when speaks.
    - Control your food. Know what and when to eat.
    - Control your money. Know where and what to spend.
    - Control on making trouble. Do not initiate a fight or problem.
    - Control your bad mouth (talking behind their backs). No gossip.
    - Control your fame. Do not be ruled by your fame.
    - Control your hyper-actions (be patient). Do not jump into
    - Control your ego. Do not be ruled by your ego.
    - Control your desire. Do not desire more than you can.
    - Control your love. Do not love obssesively.
    - Control your illness. Do not worsen your illness.
    - Control your peace. Do not be too calm. Be cautious when it's
    - Control your need. Do not ask more than you can.
    - Don't work for gain. Do not do things for a returned favor.
    - Don't work with no determination. Finish what you have started.
    - Always learn with your best. Study and understand better than
    - Anything you do, do with patient. Time will give you the
    - Be aware of friendship. Chose carefully.
    - Know how to retreat. Do not persist on one subject. Know when
    to retreat. Leave with dignity better than die for nothing.
    - Control your high position. Be nice to others when your
    position is higher than other or they will rebelt against

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